Moritzburg Palace in the sunset surrounded by water


Castle Eltz in the fog
The autumn fog gives castles an even more mystical character.

Magic Castles The most mystical Castles in Germany

Germany is the fairytale castle capital of the world thanks to Neuschwanstein Castle which even inspired Walt Disney. Apart from this magical castle, Germany owns over 20,000 castles to choose from!

Castle Eltz from above
The castles and landscapes create stunning combinations.
Heidelberg Castle
Eltz Castle
Moritzburg Palace
Schwerin Castle
Marburg Castle
Sanssouci Palace
Hohenzollern Castle
Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau Castles

Heidelberg Castle The world-famous Ruins

Heidelberg Castle. located in the region of Baden-Wüttemberg, invites you to walk through the city, its beautiful squares and extense parks, where you will feel more than at home. Heidelberg Castle offers visitors a great deal of history and many imaginative tours, or the simple pleasure of a walk through this romantic vista.

Eltz Castle A fairy tale in stone

What makes Eltz Castle so magical? - that is the question. It has been owned and cared for by the same family from when it was built until today. The architecture is the main attraction: its eight towers, soaring up to 35 meters high, its oriels, roofs, timber frame structures and turrets make it the epitome of a medieval castle. What makes it iconic is also its unrivalled location: set in the midst of a forest, deep down in a valley, far from any modern buildings and entirely surrounded by a natural paradise, it allows visitors to experience a medieval dream. Before the Euro between 1961 and 1995, Eltz Castel adorned the 500 Deutsche Mark bill.

Moritz­burg Palace A Fairy­tale Castle and its Treasures

Moritzburg Palace, the prettiest moated castle in Saxony, was named after the Duke Maurice. It was later when it converted into a magnificent baroque castle with important collections and ornaments. The best moment to enjoy the Moritzburg is at winter, when it turns into a fairy-tale pearl and becomes the magical setting of the legendary film "Three Wishes for Cinderella".

Schwerin Castle A bright and shining gem

This romantic fairytale castle is reflected in the waters of Lake Schwerin in all its glory – complete with countless towers, domes, and wings. Frederick Francis II had the building converted into an impressive symbol of his dynasty back in 1857.

Marburg Castle An outstanding cultural monument in Hessen

The Landgrave's Castle towers high above Marburg's old town and is one of the main attractions among the sights of the city. Its Museum of Cultural History does not only offer an encounter with numerous objects of cultural history, but also a tour through special rooms of the castle that are steeped in history. The magnificent Prince's Hall is considered one of the most beautiful secular Gothic halls in Germany, while the castle chapel captivates visitors with its medieval frescoes and multi-colored interior design.

Sanssouci Palace A Royal summer retreat

Friedrich the Great built Sanssouci ("without a care") as a summer retreat – and the palace and spreading park are still magical places today. The entire complex with its palaces and park is inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage, recognized as “an outstanding example of architectural creations and landscaping” and “a cultural property of exceptional quality”.

Hohen­zollern Castle Ancestral seat of the Prussian royal family and the princes of Hohenzollern

Located on the edge of the Swabian Alb, is not a museum in the conventional sense, but a place steeped in history, but at the same time extremely lively, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. In addition to essential parts of the art collection, including important paintings, precious silver, and porcelain as well as the Prussian royal crown, numerous concerts, open-air cinema, exhibitions as well as one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany make the castle an attractive cultural institution all year round.

Neu­schwan­stein & Hohen­schwan­gau Castles Iconic Castles

Neuschwanstein (also called as New Castle) is probably the most famous of the German Palaces. It was built by Ludwig II of Bavaria as a private retreat and rather than using public funds, it was paid for privately from his personal fortune and loans. A symbol of Romanticism, Neuschwanstein is said to have been the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. Hohenschwangau, on the other hand, used to be the summer residence whose interior was decorated with depictions of medieval stories and poetry.

Exclusive Castles Experience Unforgetable Moments

For special moments and to feel like a nobleman for some time we privatize castles. A very personal tour with the Prinz himself through his estate or the perfect place for a special occasion like a wedding proposal.

Insights From Our Expert Harry Weiler-Luvas

Professional guide at Neuschwanstein Castle & Travel Designer

Picked up by a horse carriage early in the morning and coming up to the main entrance provides a first royal impression a unique experience. When entering the castle with our guest and no one else is around is always special for me, however when guests feel the entire castle for themselves, peace and quietness add momentum to the already spectacular space.

Castle Hohenzollern on a hill

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