Pure Germany is a luxury inbound destination travel specialist for all German-speaking countries and regions in Europe.  With a tremendous wealth of in-depth knowledge and a dedicated approach, our team thoughtfully curates memorable tailor-made travel itineraries to Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  We are creating intimate experiences with a particular focus on taking the time to understand what exactly travellers are looking for.

Our exclusive memberships and esteemed affiliations provide us with a truly unique access to the most memorable experiences and absolutely inspiring activities.

Needless to say that we always design our itineraries from scratch, that our guides are highly sophisticated and ambiable and that all our proposed experiences are genuinely authentic.

To us, the design and the creation of every single itinerary always is a passionate process.

We simply build relationships.  Made in Germany.


»The most unforgettable experiences remind you of what really matters.  They will be based on intimacy and relationships.«



VIRTUOSO Preferred On-Site  |  SELECT In-Country Partner  |  ENSEMBLE On-Location Partner  |  Traveller Made Partner



Experiences are what makes the difference when travelling.  In everything we do, we strive to create memories which last a life time and which turn into stories being told again and again.


Germany as a whole, actually all of Europe, offers an unbelievable number of sights, places of importance and above all a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship. 


Whatever is of interest, we know the masters of their trade, we open closed doors and we have the special access to extraordinary historical buildings, special skills and products and interesting people.


Please contact our team of travel and product experts to assist you with crafting a truly bespoke travel itinerary, which will always be tailored to the exact needs and expectations of a traveller.


We are a privately owned boutique travel company.  Working from the South of Germany with partners wherever we need them, our team of passionate travel designers is headed by Thomas Tritschler, who has more than 36 years of experience in working with high-end clientele in the luxury travel sector.