Pure Germany is an inbound destination and travel specialist for highly individual journeys throughout all German-speaking countries and regions in Europe.

With a tremendous wealth of distinct expert knowledge, our team of highly accomplished hospitality and travel professionals has amassed a conclusive understanding of Germany and Europe - with a particular focus on upmarket travel.

We value our networks of international travel experts on whose behalf we design bespoke, tailor-made travel itineraries, providing individual travellers with precious memories of highly unique experiences. Pure Germany is proudly affiliated with Virtuoso, Travel Leaders Select, The Ensemble Travel Group and Traveller Made, with access to each networks respective added benefits.

Travelling with Pure Germany is materialised emotion. To us, the design and the creation of every single itinerary is a genuinely passionate process.

»In times of globalization, individual travel conveys messages

of identity, the unique and the local, the authentic and the lived.«


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Pure Germany enjoys an absolutely unique access to some of our destinations most unusual experiences.


There are a large number of internationally well-known highlights,

but there is an even larger abundance of much more authentic experiences at hand - literally all across the country.


For almost 1000 years, the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation has held Europe together.

People of different descent, different dialects and different religions have lived together in times of peace and war

and have shaped Germany as we know it today.


Goethe, Schiller, Kant, Haendel, Bach, Mendelsohn, Gutenberg, Duerer, Riemenschneider, Wagner, Luther,

Richter, Klee, Tischbein, Gropius, Marc, Heine, Mann, Scholl, Daimler etc., etc...

Those are just a very few of Germans who have added their skills to the immensly rich history which this destinantion offers.


There is so much to be seen and to be done, that guests will easily be overwhelmed.

Therefore, please contact our team of travel experts to design a truly bespoke itinerary, which will then be tailored to the exact needs and expectations of your clients.


Our carefully chosen team of travel designers specialises in creating tailor-made travel itineraries, blending the individual interests and preferences of our guests. We are united by sharing a passion for authenticity and imaginative travel.

Pure Germany is headed by Chief Executive Thomas Tritschler, an internationally recognised and experienced hotelier and hospitality advisor, who has been privileged to have enjoyed a sterling career in some of the world’s finest and most prestigious luxury hotels for more than thirty years.

He has assembled a team of skilled travel trade professionals who provide dedicated advise and expertise to our distinguished clients and guests.

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