Based on a recommendation of the Council of the European Union,

Germany allows unrestricted entry again for residents of numerous countries.

For details, please see the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Travellers from the United States of America will find more specific information by accessing this link.


Pure Germany is a luxury inbound destination travel specialist for all German-speaking countries and regions in Europe, with a unique access to unique experiences and activities.

We design travel itineraries to represent the finest travels and experiences. Using our extensive and in-depth knowledge of Germany as well as its neighbouring countries. 

All itineraries are being planned individually and all guides are true locals.

Utilising the best of modern technology, we are able to spend time on being creative.

To us, the design and the creation of every single itinerary always is a carefully executed process.



Browse through some of the handpicked experiences and some of the best adventures Germany has to offer.


Let your imagination wander virtually and discover Germany's traditions.


We are a privately owned and operated travel company, specialising in all German speaking countries. Being ideally situated in Southern Germany, we design our own itineraries, follow our own believes and enjoy trusted partnerships wherever we need them. 

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