Terms of Service


The type and scope of contractually owed services are determined according to the specification of services given by Pure Germany on which the contract is based. No binding commitment to special requests can be made. The classification of tourist accommodation stated by Pure Germany in the specification of services refers to the classification typical in the respective country, unless Pure Germany has specified a different classification. Bookings of rooms suitable for persons with disabilities are subject to special requests and confirmation by Pure Germany in written form. Unless explicitly stated, it cannot be presumed that hotel bookings are equipped for persons with disabilities. Pure Germany does not warrant any special requests as to rooms, equipment and beds which deviate from its specification of services because it is the hotel which shall specify availability, depending on its facilities. Final travel documents will be prepared by Pure Germany no later than 20 days prior to the travellers’ arrival and shall be transmitted to Client in due course.



Please note, that we will start confirming services once the Clients’ initial payment has been received. Unless otherwise specified, Pure Germany requests a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the planned trip/itinerary. Should the cost of individual services require a prepayment exceeding 30% of the total cost of the trip, Pure Germany may require a higher deposit to secure these services. All services and itineraries, unless otherwise specified, must be prepaid in full 30 days prior to arrival. If bookings are made within 30 days of arrival, full prepayment must be received immediately to secure and confirm such booking. For bookings of Euros 4.000,00 or less, full prepayment is required at the time of booking. If payments are not made on time, Pure Germany reserves the right of refusal to confirm a booking or to impose a last-minute fee to cover costs.

Pure Germany accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express Credit Cards, as well as wire transfers. We do not charge any supplemental fee for credit card payments. Pure Germany contracts with 1CS First Cash Solution to facilitate online credit card payments and bank wire transactions. Data transmission, at the time of the transaction, is made through a secure (SSL) PCI compliant connection that is outside Pure Germany’s scope and which is fully managed by 1CS First Cash Solution. Once a payment has been completed successfully, Pure Germany is being notified by 1CS First Cash Solution. Pure Germany does not have access to any data from this transaction.


Cancellation Policy

Clients/Travellers may cancel their booking at any time, on the condition that they communicate the cancellation notice in writing to Pure Germany. Postponing or rescheduling of a booking will be considered on an individual basis and is subject to the cancellation charges outlined below. No refund for unused portions of an itinerary, cancellations made after the trip has begun, or early departures will be given. Refunds will be made by bank wire transfer; all charges shall be bourne by the recipient.


In case of a trip being cancelled between confirmation and 30 days prior to arrival, 20% of the total cost will be charged. The remaining monies from the deposit (which equal 10% of the total cost) can be refunded or used as a credit towards future travel (less any non-refundable items) within 12 months.

In case of a cancellation from 30 to 21 days prior to arrival, 50% of the total cost will be charged. The remaining 50% can be refunded or used as a credit towards future travel (less any non-refundable items) within 12 months.

In case of a cancellation less than 21 days prior to arrival, 100% of the total cost will be charged.


Pure Germany strongly suggets that travellers buy a travel insurance for their protection from unexpected circumstances. Travellers should please contact their travel advisor for a precise quote.



Above information is an extract from our terms & conditions. To obtain a full copy of our general terms & conditions, please contact your respective travel designer.

Memmingen, 1st December 2022