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Shopping in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is a joyous and satisfying experience. The wide variety of local, handcrafted, and designed products will captivate you. Worldwide known brands have their founding grounds here and prestigious market leader still manufacture masterpieces of their kind. Watch their proficiency, dive into their spheres and take your favorite masterpiece home.

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Swarovski Art, jewelry, watches, and accessories

The Swarovski Kristallwelten Store in Wattens has brought together sparkling shopping experiences and spectacular art installations for more than 25 years now, embedded in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, one of the well-known tourist attractions of Tyrol. The store literally presents itself as a "landscape" that winds through the room like the natural course of a river, accompanied by art showcases and partially spanned by the spectacular dome "The Starry Mosaic Sky".

Rolex Collection Explore the prestigious & high-precision timepieces

Rolex, the most recognizable & leading luxury watch manufacturer, bases its success in its extremely high product quality extending over the many years of its existence. Rolex watches show time accurately and are robust, sturdy, and reliable. A perfect combination of style and functionality.

Fine Wooden Crafts Traditional Wooden German Art

Christian Ulbricht´s family and their team created traditional wooden art with a lot of passion and diligence with the purpose of bringing joy and happiness to the grown-ups and children. From a huge variety of Christmas ornaments to smokers and dwarfs, including wobble figures and nutcrackers. However, something is sure, in every single piece the spirit of Christmas is alive.

Cuckoo Clocks The most authentic Black Forest Clocks

The cuckoo clocks, originally handmade in the Black Forest, or Schwarzwald, sprung from the artistry and love of Family Schwarz, a 5 Generation-experts in this craftsmanship. The combination of the old-craft traditional way, high-quality movements, woodcarving, and clock cases make these cuckoo clocks become unique and timeless pieces.

Käthe´s Wohlfahrt World The specialist for Christmas decoration

Everything you can wish for Christmas, you can find it at Käthe’s, whose desire was to fulfill Christmas with light, glamour, and homely scents with her enchanting decorations of the Käthe Wohlfahrt brand for decades. Tourists from all over the world are drawn to the romantic little town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber where cuckoo clocks compete with music boxes and fairy lights compete with Christmas tree decorations. The international success has even resulted in a beautiful assortment of Easter decorations in the last decades.

Christmas Tree Decorations Everyone loves Christmas

Christmas is this time of the year, where we enjoy the great smell of gingerbread and the joy of giving things to people we care about. Kreb Glas Lauscha, a leading supplier of exclusive hand-blown glass in the town of Lauscha, where you can immerse yourself in the world of Christmas in all colors and shapes, plus bring your favorite pieces home.

Nymphenburg Porcelain A masterpiece of craftmanship and art

The porcelain manufactory Nymphenburg, founded in 1747 by the Bavarian Elector Max III Joseph, very soon achieved world fame with the production of the porcelain objects and works of art thanks to the contribution of renowned designers and artists. Nymphenburg porcelain is still shaped, turned, and painted by hand today. The special colours are produced in the manufactory itself according to old recipes. As in the past, waterpower drives the wheels. Today, the power generation and transmission systems are considered technical monuments that are nevertheless up to date and function optimally. The historic three-story circular kiln is also still fully functional.

Shopping street in Hamburg

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