Beautiful Vineyard in the wine region Rheingau in Germany

German Wines

Red grapes in the sunset on a vineyard
Around one-third of Germany's vineyard area is cultivated with red grapes.

German wines Rich in taste and culture

German wines. Where to begin? Indeed, the journey has been adventurous, but German wines have long ranked amongst the finest there are. Already the Romans grew wines on those rolling hills in the Palatinate, in Franconia and along the many rivers and valleys.

German vineyard in the sun
Pampered by the climate, noble vines feel at home in the rich soils of the German wine-growing regions.

Long Traditions A philosophy of life

Generations of outstandingly passionate winemakers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria have cultivated their traditional vineyards, implemented new methods and philosophies which all resulted in the growing and making of fabulous wines, some of which are so exceptional, they are not even being exported. Certain grape variety is only growing here.

A wine cellar with big wine barrels
Rheingau Wine-Growing Region
The wine-growing region along the Moselle
Wine-growing region Rheinhessen in a valley of gentle rolling hills
Wine-growing region Mittelrhein with a river that runs through the hills
The Pfalz region with great vineyards on the many hills

Rheingau Wine-Growing Region Pure Joy of Life

More than 3,185 hectares of vines - it is the famous home of “Rheingau Riesling”. The monasteries, castles, and palaces in the Rheingau region blend beautifully into the picturesque landscape and have played a crucial role in the evolution of the area, with monks having taken charge of winegrowing here for centuries and defining the cultural landscape along the way.

Mosel The Riesling Specialists

The wine-growing region along the Moselle is not only known for its fruity wines. The region is also famous for historically valuable excavation sites of the Romans from over 2000 years ago. Experience impressive views from the Eifel and Hunsrück to kilometers of artfully laid-out wine terraces during a tour on the Moselhöhenweg.

Rheinhessen Land of a Thousand Hills

Rheinhessen, lies in a valley of gentle rolling hills, Germany´s largest wine regions since the Romans, nowadays winegrowers produce modern, uncomplicated wines as well as top-quality products.

Mittelrhein Riesling and Romance

The Mittelrhein is a beautiful region of steep, terraced vineyards and some of the wine world's most spectacular scenery - medieval castles and ruins clinging to rocky peaks, sites of ancient legends where Siegfried, Hagen and the Loreley seem to spring to life. This wine-growing region where the Romans planted the first vineyards, stretches over 100 kilometers alongs the Rhine river from Bingen to the gates of Bonn. The southern part of this unique cultural landscape, the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002. It is the heart of the cultivation area, with castles on the slopes and medieval-looking villages on the river bends.

Pfalz Region Where grape trees bloom

The Pfalz has many superlatives, on the one hand, it is considered the world´s largest wine festival in Bad Dürkheim, on the other hand, it is also the first and best-known wine route, the Deutsche Weinstraße. Being the second largest German wine-growing region, the focus relays on the classic grape varieties, especially Riesling.

Great Variety Red and white wine

Light, sparkling and fruity - these are the characteristics attributed to German wines. Different climatic and soil conditions in the various growing regions result in a great variety of regionally typical wines. White wine still dominates in Germany, but in some regions red wines of very good quality are also produced.

German white wines enjoy worldwide recognition. The pale yellow or greenish-yellow color is a typical characteristic. They go well with light dishes such as steamed fish, white meat, vegetable, and pastry dishes.

German red wines are characterized by their strong and full-bodied taste. Special characteristics are often the long-lasting finish and the intense color. Red wines in Germany are usually served with hearty dishes such as wild boar and beef but also with cheese platters.

Private wine tastings in selected wineries or castles with back of the production tours should be part of any culinary tour and visiting local wine festival is a unique add on to your trip.

Sommelier pours red wine into wine glass
Green vine leaves in the sunset

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