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Many different delicious dishes are freshly prepared
Many different delicious dishes are freshly prepared

Food Markets From farmers’ market to gourmet highlights

Initially started as simple farmers' market, offering once or twice a week traditional local vegetable and countryside products, this experience has transition. Today it makes gourmets' hearts beat faster, because here you can find exotic delicacies from all over the world with the most delicious specialties. As lead up to the Festive season and dating back to the late mid age, Christmas markets start the cozy atmosphere towards the end of the year.

Farmers markets with fresh regional fruits and vegetables
Farmers markets attract with fresh regional fruits and vegetables

Naschmarkt Wien An institution in Vienna

Over 100 market stalls, restaurants and bars offer fresh food and specialties from all over the world between Chain Bridge and Charles Square in Vienna. At the Naschmarkt, from dawn until sunset, a colorful crowd buys fruit, vegetables, or various delicacies from all countries. 120 market stalls where you can buy pretty much everything - very authentic and not super expensive.

Naschmarkt Vienna

Swiss Street­food Festival Tour In its seventh season, right across Switzerland

Streetfood stands for freshly prepared food in mobile kitchens and is now an integral part of Swiss gastro culture. At the festival zour, the food culture of the whole world is a core component, therefore 45 different food stalls from different parts of the world have been engaged to make each of the festivals a culinary and unique taste experience. Small tasting portions, available everywhere, are designed to make the culinary world stroll. Colorful fairy lights, lively street performers and musicians round off the event.

Swiss Streetfood Festival Tour with Raclett

Food Markets The best food markets in Munich

From the city’s signature dish of white sausage served with a freshly baked pretzel to an obsession with doner kebabs, Müncheners love to eat. Though the city is filled with excellent restaurants, including Michelin-star dining and vegetarian and vegan cuisine, there’s also a host of fantastic food markets where you can grab something to eat on the go. For flavorful Flammkuchen and perfect pretzels, head to Munich’s best food markets.

Vegetables and fruits at the Viktualienmarkt
Cheese at the Elisabethmarkt
Kebab at the Hall Of Taste
Local vegetables at the Wiener Markt
Tollwood Winterfestival at night

Viktualien­markt The heart of Munich´s old town

The grandfather of all Munich’s food markets, and the one that draws in most visitors to the city, is Viktualienmarkt. Nowadays, Viktualienmarkt is a popular place for connoisseurs and gourmets and for visitors who can find everything their heart desires here from urbane authentic Bavarian dishes such as pretzels and schnitzels to exotic fruits and vegetables.

Elisabeth­markt Healthy and safe shopping in Schwabing

This Bavarian neighborhood market is truly rooted in German history and culture, even down to its name; Elisabeth, also known as Sisi, was a beloved daughter of the Duke of Bavaria, who went on to become Empress of Austria. Unlike Viktualienmarkt, Elisabethmarkt has stuck to its roots, focusing mainly on local cheese, meat, and home-made beer. Fresh food at the interim market on Elisabethplatz. The heart of Schwabing is a market: new construction and redevelopment do not stop the traders on Elisabethplatz from offering a wide variety at their stalls. There are fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, cheese and delicatessen."

Hall Of Taste First Street food market

This market focusses mainly on gathering the best street food the city has to offer all in one place. On the first Friday of each month, hungry gourmands gather outside the Pressehaus Bayerstraße to taste Munich’s finest street food, whether it’s a pretzel or Germany’s favorite culinary import – the Doner Kebab. As well as great food served fresh from trucks and pop-up stalls, you’ll be well entertained with live music, artists, and DJs, and plenty of beer and cocktails to enjoy alongside your meal.

Wiener Markt Small but fine

The historic market on Wiener Platz is a Munich landmark in all senses. Located in the trendy Haidhausen district, it’s a place for residents to pick up their fruit and vegetables for the week - despite the tourist crowds in Munich, this is still very much a local market. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in authenticity; completing the Bavarian feel is a huge maypole at the heart of the market.

Tollwood Winter­festival The biggest Munich Festival

Tollwood is the major Munich festival and food hub which takes place twice a year. The summer site is near the Olympiapark and focusses heavily on music, with several global artists performing every year. While Winter Tollwood steps in, offering a mix of street performers, shows and incredible cocktails. There’s a whole host of food stalls to line your stomach, and you can’t leave without trying Flammkuchen (a cross between a hot pita bread and pizza).

Christkindl­markt The most traditional Christmas Market

Christkindlmarkt, also known as Weihnachtsmarkt, the Medieval Christmas Market in Munich stays true to its name. Several wooden huts line the market and exude a “Middle Ages” vibe. In the wooden stalls you will find traditional, often handmade Christmas decorations and sweet treats such as gingerbread or speculoos. Some of the items worth trying here is the mulled wine, which is prepared using ancient spices. Also don’t miss out on the bratwurst and flammbrot.

Tollwood Festival in Munich by night

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