Our Team

Headed by Thomas Tritschler, our team of travel designers specialises in creating tailor-made travel itineraries, blending the individual interests and preferences of our guests.

Over many years, our team has acquired an attention to details and an appreciaton of what truly matters in bespoke travel and luxury hotel management.

We have assembled a highly dynamic group of professionals, all of whom love to travel and to explore. We always enjoy coming across interesting people and good company. And besides a wealth of experience, we share a passion for authenticity and imaginative travel.

We constantly research new ideas and curate new experiences. We take our own pictures and we bring back an abundance of very detailed and specific local know-how from every field trip. The aim is never to seize opening new doors to those very special experiences or meeting ever more highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who have mastered the art of making paper, cheese or porcelain - and of course much, much more!

Thomas K. Tritschler

Managing Partner

Helmut Kugler

Managing Partner

Peter Huber

Managing Partner

Sandra Walenta

Senior Travel Designer

Svenja von Velasco

Travel Designer

Lea Martini

Junior Travel Designer

Peter Rohde


Mabel Lee

Pure Germany Singapore

Bjoern Awe

Pure Germany Berlin